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Unity in the pursuit of TRUTH and harmony

I am:
• Pleased to be a participant in this debate
• Happy to participate with each one of my fellow debaters
• Eager to make whatever contribution I can to the objectives

I understand, I accept and I agree:
• The primary objective of the debate is to discover TRUTH
• TRUTH is often multi-faceted and comprised of many elements
• TRUTH is represented as those facts clearly evidenced and accepted
• For Truth to be declared as such the declaration must be unanimous
• One dissenting voice is an indicator, agreed Truth has not been found
• The secondary objective is the sharing and discovery of knowledge
• The third objective is the sharing of experiences

• Concluding the debate may require a series of debating sessions

• That I hold a personal belief and viewpoint on the debate topic
• My viewpoint is – or could be – limited and, by nature, incomplete
• Others may have conflicting viewpoints and conflicting evidence
• I may have a partial view of the topic and make assessment of the rest
• The value I and all debaters bring is our unique view of the world
• Our different views all contribute to our singular goal – the ONE Truth
• Because of this, I am open to new views, new facts, new awareness
• To leave a door open to new possibilities currently unknown to me

• To make my contributions and my responses with good grace
• To contribute whatever evidence I can in support of my viewpoint
• To willingly listen at length and contemplate contributions from others
• To respect those others, their viewpoints, beliefs and contributions
• To refrain from labelling others - as labelling can be viewed as divisive

• To be sensitive in how I deliver my contributions
• It is not my wish to offend my fellow debaters or cause disquiet

• My position is open and flexible – since the objective is only Truth
• I’m open to change my thoughts in-line with new facts learned
• I have no intention to be Right in preference for knowing the Truth
• It is folly to defend a position without full knowledge and awareness
• The debaters are all ONE – we are on the same side - pursuing Truth

• The goal is TRUTH – the understood, accepted and agreed TRUTH
• By debate I seek to explore the different avenues to achieve that goal

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