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Connection and engagement are amongst the reasons to join our growing debating community - along with:
Learning from other people;
Sharing what we know
Being listened to in a safe space:
Strengthening our communities.
You don't even have to talk - you can just listen! 

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But the clear main reason why we debate, is that those who are positioned and rewarded to debate on our behalf - to ensure that the right decisions are made for society - aren't doing so!
Recent years have shown us all, that we have now arrived at a time for significant change.  That change will involve us all in taking a greater involvement in how our lives are shaped and how society is orchestrated for the benefit of all. The process of beginning that change, in fact,  begins with people joining together to debate the future outcomes we all wish to see.


A debate can take different forms - but simply put - there are two main types:
ADVERSARIAL: This is the classical or traditional form of debate. The objective is to win the debate - defeating an opponent's argument.

EXPLORATORY: Join The Debate is this second form of debate. The objective is to discuss, listen and learn from others.

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The Exploratory debate, begins and ends with everyone accepting we're all on the same side.  There is no contest to be won - only the single objective of learning from each other's insights, different knowledge base and experiences.

With sufficient debate, a body of accumulated agreed facts is assembled.  This provides the foundation upon which change can be easily agreed and a pathway forward charted.  And once that pathway has been agreed and charted, then even a small body of people can instigate the changes desired.    

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